window treatments Florida

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate window treatment. Choosing the best option for your windows can be an overwhelming process due to all the options available. Homeowners rely on window treatments to solve particular concerns, but they can also be used as an accessory to complement your décor. It is important to identify what you are looking for to determine the best solution for you.  

Window treatments are also called window coverings and are divided mainly into two categories: hard and soft window treatments. What is the difference between them? 

Hard Treatments 

They have both decorative and functional benefits, such as regulating the amount of light, noise insulating from heat or cold or just increasing privacy. These include mini blinds, cellular shades, roller shades, and shutters.

Blinds: these are designed with either horizontal or vertical slats that can be angled to control and disperse the light coming into the room. 

Shades: window treatments that roll, pleat, or fold when lifted. They may be made from natural or synthetic materials.

Shutters: these are located on each side of a window frame that can be closed to diffuse light and add privacy. They are available in wood, vinyl, or composite materials. 

Soft Treatments 

Soft treatments are coverings that are 100% fabric and sewn together, such as draperies and curtains. They have a more decorative, rather than functional purpose. 

Curtains: fabric that is hung from a rod at the top of the window.

Draperies: preferred by many for more formal settings. They are similar to curtains but are usually made from a heavier material. 

Top Treatments: also known as toppers, may be used with either curtain, draperies or as a complement to a hard treatment. Valances, swags, and scarves are traditional toppers that can add color and softness to any space. 

The size and shape of the room is an important thing to have in mind when selecting your window coverings. It is often recommended that customers size the treatment to the window and not let the treatment overpower the window or the room. 

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