Why Should I Choose Laminates?

The benefits of laminates can make it just the right addition to your space.

lamiantes for homeWhen looking for a solid surface flooring for your home or office, laminate floors can be both an affordable and beautiful option. The benefits of laminates can make it just the right addition to your space. It is hard to beat the price point of laminate, and you can take advantage of the savings without sacrificing either function or appearance.  Today's laminate floors come in a dizzying variety of options, and can even convincingly mimic natural hardwoods and stone. Laminate floors are also easy to maintain, eco-friendly and are durable and easy to install. Read on to discover just a few of the exciting benefits laminate floors have to offer. 

Variety and Flexibility 

Why pay for the installation of real slate or knotty pine, when you can have the same look in an affordable and easy to install laminate? One of the best benefits of laminates is the wide variety of options available. There is a laminate which will be the perfect touch to any room design. Whether your taste runs to rustic, modern, or contemporary, laminate flooring can fit your style. 

Durable and Easy to Maintain 

Laminate floors are durable and resistant to many environmental factors which could ruin other floors. They come with a protective coating which will repel common oops and spills, and will not stain. Generally, all you need to do to keep laminate floors looking great is the occasional sweep and vacuum to remove dust and other particles. Laminates are also resistant to color fading, treated to withstand mold, and are scratch resistant. Some laminates are even harder than hardwood!

Affordable and Easy to Install

Not only will you save money on materials with laminate, but you will save on installation as well. Laminate flooring is made to 'snap and click' quickly and easily into place over nearly any type of surface. There is no need for specialized equipment, padding, or glues. Your floor can be fully installed very quickly, minimizing the chaos of renovation and allowing you to get to the important part, enjoying your new space.


One of the benefits of laminates which sometimes gets overlooked is how eco-friendly and green they can be. If you are environmentally conscious, it is hard to go wrong with laminate flooring. Many of them are made of recycled or sustainable materials, and can be eventually be recycled after use as well. With laminate floors, you will not have to worry about chopping down old-growth trees for hardwood, or filling a landfill with carpet.

Clearly, there are many benefits of laminates which make them the stand-out option for solid-surface flooring.