Vinyl Floors in Florida

vinyl floors florida

Who thought shopping for new floors could be such a difficult experience? A material that is gaining a lot of popularity is vinyl, thanks to all the attributes they offer.  Homeowners that are looking for floors that provide an affordable style that can stand up to busy, hectic lifestyles and require minimal maintenance will find Earthscapes a suitable option for their home. Earthscapes is a vinyl flooring brand exclusive to Carpet One Floor & Home created with the best technology available to guarantee customers durability and visuals that imitate expensive materials. 

The Reasons to Choose Earthscapes

Beautiful Design- Earthscapes offers the widest selection of styles.  Homeowners can get the floors they have been dreaming of for just a fraction of the cost of other materials. Earthscapes depicts wood and stone with such realism that you may find it difficult to believe it is not the real thing. 

Easy to Install- They are known to be more flexible than traditional sheet vinyl making it simpler to transport and work with on the job site. It will not crease and break like other products and is easier to seam and repair than traditional vinyl.

Reliable- Earthscapes is manufactured by a company that is a leader in the industry, IVC. They have been recognized as “Favorite Resilient Manufacturer” for their service, quality, and design. 

Superior Construction- The unique construction of Earthscapes provides for its enhanced performance while making installation and maintenance easier than with traditional vinyl.  

Also, Earthscapes enhanced foam backing has more cushioning and is more comfortable underfoot, making it an excellent alternative for customers.  

If you are convinced Earthscapes has all the attributes you are looking for and want more information about installation and cost, contact us today.