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At Carpet N’ Drapes Carpet One Floor & Home we’re your regional experts on all things carpeting. If you’re struggling with all the many choices offered up by carpeting, don’t worry. Our specialists have the training and product expertise to help you discover a product that not only fits in with your signature style, but offers up all the functions your family needs. 

Truly, when it comes to carpeting there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Our Select-A-Floor system is a great tool to narrow down your choices based on warranty preferences and other specifications. Before you start shopping, however, we recommend gaining good understanding of carpet fibers and overall functions. 

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Carpet Fiber Types

Nylon feels incredibly soft, and is typically treated with a stain-resistant coating. Built to endure, nylon fibers won’t fade from sun exposure. Nylon carpeting is a great overall option for both residential and commercial settings. 

Polyester presents a more economical alternative to nylon. While there once was a time when polyester fibers didn’t offer the same level of stain resistance, today the majority of polyester carpets are treated to keep most stains out. 

Triexta is a synthetic fiber that works as hard as you do, offering heavy-duty durability and formidable stain resistance. Triexta has a rougher feel than other carpets, but its good looks are definitely made to last. It’s a natural choice for commercial environments, such as in waiting rooms, or hotels. 

Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that’s generally woven to create all of the latest trendy patterns. While stunning to behold, olefin fibers aren’t designed for heavy traffic. For that reason, these carpets fare best in quieter, more formal settings. 

Wool fibers are truly a natural wonder, since they’re derived from sheered sheep. Wool is by nature resistant to moisture, allergens, and dirt. It holds tight to dyes, and can even filter dust particles from the air. While wool can be pricey, it’s a favorite of allergy sufferers. 


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