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Serving the Jacksonville and Orange Park areas for more than 39 years, we have what you need at Carpet N’ Drapes Carpet One! Not only do we carry a wide selection of flooring products from the best name brands in the industry, but we also offer services the competition has a hard time beating! We are excited to bring to you different in home options like Serta and Sleep Boutique. We take your flooring experience the extra step by bringing the showroom to your home if you’re unable to stop by. Let us tell you more about our special services!


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Serta Mattresses

Good sleep is essential to living a longer, healthier life and a good night's sleep starts with the experts at Sleep Boutique.

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Create a Rug System

We can custom cut and bind any area rug to fit your needs! Whether you need to define a space, add a runner to a hall, or just want your rugs to match the carpet, we have you covered!

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Let the experts come to you with our Shop At Home program. Not only do we bring the showroom to you but we also will do onsite measurements and a FREE estimate on the spot!

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