New Floors: Five Things to Consider

When it comes to flooring, there is a world of possibilities to choose from. This makes the decision very challenging and somewhat overwhelming. To help make the process a little less complicated, there are some basic things you should consider before making your purchase. These questions will help you choose the right kind of flooring for your home and lifestyle making sure you will be happy with your investment.

1. Is the new flooring for the entire home?
If not, will the existing floor match with what you have in mind? You want a floor that blends with the overall look of your home. You need to visualize the look of the new flooring and the existing flooring throughout your home.

2. Is the space a high traffic area?
Depending on the traffic and what it is used for, you may have to choose from specific types of flooring. For your decision, take into account the use of the room and how much traffic goes through it.

3. Do you or anyone else in the home suffer from allergies?
While you may not think that the flooring can help or hurt your allergies, hard surface flooring can really lessen your suffering because this type of flooring collects fewer allergens and dust mites. If you want to add some dimension to a room, you can still include an easy to clean rug.

4. Does it require a lot of maintenance?
Maintenance is key to get the most out of your floors. Consider the type of maintenance and upkeep you are willing to do for the flooring type you have picked out. This will help you decide if the maintenance is something you can keep up with.

5. What kind of climate do you live in?
Some flooring is better in specific climates than others. For example, wood can easily warp in humid conditions which would result in you having to replace your flooring again likely before you are ready to. In these types of conditions, tile flooring may be a better choice for you.